Rachael Richardson, Retail Management Consultant, Accenture

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gemma, she helped me to distill quite complex thoughts and worries about my career in to a succint vision and set of action through compelling and thought provoking questions. Our interactions were flexible which really appealed as a relatively new mother. I now feel like I have a much better appreciation for what my values and strengths are and where I want to take my career in the future”

Cath Harris, Founder One World Women

“Gemma is the pinnacle of professional. She practices what she preaches and leads by example. By maintaining a good pace, listening to her client and keeping her standards high, her style is both a pleasure to work with and a blueprint for her clients’ success.”

Carolyn Stewart, Head of Cosmetics, L'Oréal NZ

Gemma is an incredibly supportive leader and will always take the time to guide her team to ensure they are clear on the direction and end goal. She is passionate about all she does and is a great mentor to me.

Amy Bennett-Inge, Assistant Brand Manager, Nestle

Gemma is a truly authentic leader who brings out the best in those around her. Gemma’s leadership and communication style is deeply rooted in her personal values; inclusivity, honesty and integrity and transcends any barriers created by organisational culture or hierarchy. Gemma understands and harnesses the power of collaboration to deliver exceptional work and foster high morale.

George Rutter, Marketing Director, Venture Up

Gemma was my very first manager and massively set me up on the path for success. She always made time to listen to how I thought I was doing, understood my thought process and dedicated vast amounts of time to ensure that I was developing a complete skill set. Fast forward 4 years and now I am running the marketing department and leading the design recruitment for a Tech Consultancy Start Up

Melissa Oswald, Graduate Surface Designer

Gemma was so quick to help when I was feeling lost about work. She has given me some great some great tips for my CV and helped me realise my strengths. This has given me the confidence to apply for roles that I never would have considered before. Communication has been so easy to say I’m in a totally different time zone too, such a confidence boost! Thanks Gemma!