Hello, I’m Gemma…

I am a thirty something year old with a passion for people.
I help distill complex problems, whether that be for an individual or business, and turn it in to a long term vision through an actionable and thought provoking collaboration.
I offer consultancy, coaching and training depending on the needs of my clients. 



I have worked in over 5 countries for multinationals as well as SME’s. I have led large, multifunctional teams and have been on management committees, senior leadership teams as well as non-exec boards and volunteer programmes. This all sounds great but underneath the list of successes there have been challenging times too…


As my career started to peak I experienced burnout, where I became physically and mentally unwell due to overwork, anxiety and stress. I have always been a high achiever through working hard; a first class degree at university, a top graduate scheme out of uni. However, as I entered a fast paced, energetic and competitive work environment, my ‘work harder’ attitude went in to overdrive.


I was fortunate enough to be offered support by my company and worked with a career and business coach for the first time. It was here that I learnt a lot about myself but also how to become a more efficient manager, how to lead a team and how to work more effectively. I learnt how to better juggle work alongside the rest of life.


Since then my career as an individual, but also as a leader, has seen success. Working for a large multinational company, I became the sought after manager, been asked to lead teams who were struggling not only with results but as a team themself. As soon as my team were beginning to thrive I was on to the next one! I had the highest team retention but how come? I put people at the centre of everything we did.  

I have delivered results time and time again with this approach. I have seen unhappy, failing teams turn this around once given the right support, the right methods and above all, the right conversations to help them show up at work. They discover their purpose and deliver.  


From a young age I have been obsessed with what and why people do the work they do. The importance of the relationship between your self and your work has been underestimated but is becoming increasingly significant. It is only recently that this relationship has been linked to your health, your relationships, your wellbeing and ultimately, your happiness. It is this relationship I am hooked on- ensuring you as an individual, or you as a business, are aligned with what makes you tick and therefore what moves your career or your business forward.


Supporting individuals and teams is what I love but
I was fitting this in to my 9-5 hours alongside managing complex
brands and growing market share. Fast forward to today and here I am,
doing what I love the most, working with people like you to find that happy place.
My mission is to be a pivotal player in the revolution of work happiness.


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gemma, she helped to me distill my quite complex thoughts and worries about my career in to a succinct vision and set of action through compelling and thought provoking questions. Our interactions were flexible which really appealed as a relatively new mother. I now feel like I have a much better appreciation for what my values and strengths are and where I want to take my career in the future
— Rachael Richardson, Retail Management Consultant, Accenture